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KTNV Las Vegas posted a video interview with Andrew Pascal on their website at the following location: The transcript of the video follows.




Shawn Tempesta: So right at the start of the pandemic, there was an app that I downloaded that kept me company for many, many hours and made me forget about what was going on outside, myVEGAS Slots.


Shawn Tempesta: It's from Playstudios, who are based here by the way in Vegas. Awesome. There's another game that they've released, which is so fun, it's bingo this time. And not only have they released this game, they've released bingo balls on the strip. Just little teeny ones, ones that are about as heavy as I am, and that's pretty heavy.


JJ Snyder: Beautiful art installations, in fact. You know locals are bingo crazy, Andrew Pascal knows that too. He's the founder of Playstudios, the app that Shawn downloaded, very exciting to have him on. Chairman and CEO, Andrew, welcome to the show. Great to see you.


Andrew Pascal: Thank you. It's my pleasure. I appreciate you having me.


JJ Snyder: First off, let's congratulate you on your business success. Like Shawn mentioned, you're one of those people who really rallied during the pandemic. Are you about to go public and what will that mean to our economy here in Las Vegas?


Andrew Pascal: We are. We've announced that we're going to be going public in partnership through a SPAC merger. The SPAC is Acies, which has been founded by Jim Murren, former CEO and chairman of MGM Resorts.


JJ Snyder: Oh yes.


Andrew Pascal: And we're really excited. We're about, we think five to six weeks away from ultimately consummating that transaction, and so we're very excited about it.


Shawn Tempesta: That's fantastic, man. Congratulations. That is huge. Especially being based out of here in Vegas, we're really, really proud of you.




Shawn Tempesta: Well, let's talk about this myVEGAS Bingo app. So my experience of bingo has been this, you go over to Red Rock, if you end up winning, a bunch of old ladies boo you.


JJ Snyder: They're serious.


Shawn Tempesta: Is this game going to be more enjoyable than that.


Andrew Pascal: Yeah, I think so. I mean hopefully you've given it a shot. myVEGAS Bingo has all of the things that people have grown to love about our myVEGAS Slots product. It, of course, features all the great iconic brands and properties that make up the Las Vegas strip and at its core is bingo.


Andrew Pascal: And what's really unique about our proposition is that as people play our bingo game, they actually accumulate a loyalty currency that they can use to redeem for real-world rewards here in Las Vegas. And over the nine years since we've been growing and building our business, we've literally generated hundreds and hundreds of thousands of visitors, new visitors coming to Las Vegas.


Shawn Tempesta: That's awesome.


Andrew Pascal: So it's a really cool program.


JJ Snyder: And that's great. I love to hear that. You just kind of upped my excitement because it's not just something people can play on their phones, their iPads, and hide away from society. You're encouraging people to interact with the town and that's part of what this art installation does as well. Let's talk about these big balls.


Andrew Pascal: Okay, yeah. Well, we got pretty excited obviously about launching our new bingo product. And so we have a program called Lucky Numbers where we're obviously really committed to Las Vegas and the local arts community that's here. And we decided that to really commemorate the launch of this new app for us, we would team up with the MGM Group and go and sponsor a bunch of local artists, five different local artists.


Andrew Pascal: Each of which is extraordinary and ask that they interpret for themselves the spirit of Las Vegas as expressed through the design of these giant bingo balls. And so we now have these five bingo balls that are featured across the collection of MGM properties. So you can find them at Mandalay Bay, in the Mirage, and out in front of New York-New York and the Excalibur in the MGM Grand Lobby. So they're really fantastic. They embody the personality and spirit of what Las Vegas is all about. I encourage people to go check them out.


Shawn Tempesta: That's awesome. I'm going to check it out actually. I've got my shots.


JJ Snyder: Me too, that's exciting.


Shawn Tempesta: And actually going to the strip recently and I'm like, "Wow, okay. I've been here. This is good. Okay, nice." I can't wait to see this. By the way, for those of you who are wondering, playing bingo on the Playstudios app there, and all the Playstudios apps: Free.




Andrew Pascal: That's exactly right. You get to play for free and earn real stuff. And things that as I alluded to, are really great fun experiences. I mean dream vacations at some of the great Las Vegas resorts here. So why wouldn't you play?


JJ Snyder: Yeah.


Andrew Pascal: Download it and give it a try.


JJ Snyder: Sorry to interrupt you, Andrew, because I'm getting excited hearing about downloading this app. I have been to several of the bingo halls here in Vegas. Shawn, you referred to the old lady bingo players who are very serious.


Shawn Tempesta: High pressure. If you call bingo and it's not your turn.


JJ Snyder: Yeah, and you know what? Those old ladies could probably beat you and I right under the table.


Shawn Tempesta: Yes.


JJ Snyder: So they have great skills. What do you think is in it for the old school player who's been playing bingo a couple of decades? What kind of a draw do you think this app might have for them?


Andrew Pascal: First of all, the core of the experience honors the traditional bingo game, but you're participating with a large community of online players.


Andrew Pascal: And you get to start to daub your cards based upon the bingos that are called, but then there's all kinds of other cool mechanics. Power ups and collectibles and you unlock new casino resorts with new bingo rooms and halls that you can go and participate in, each of which has its own mechanics.


Andrew Pascal: So the core of the experience and the way you play is no different than traditional bingo. It's just been enriched and enhanced with all of these new really cool features that reveal themselves to you as you advance through the cycle of the game. So really easy to get into and start playing, but has a lot of depth and richness that makes it tough to master.


Shawn Tempesta: Really, really proud of what you guys have been creating here in Vegas and congrats on all the success. Great to have you.


JJ Snyder: Good to talk to you my friend.


Andrew Pascal: Thank you guys so much.


Andrew Pascal: Yeah, really appreciate it.


Shawn Tempesta: All right, myVEGAS Bingo. Download it now, it's free on iOS and Android. Get it., if you want to learn more. A lot of fun, and yeah, try it, maybe we can compete against each other. That'd be fun.




JJ Snyder: I'll probably win.


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